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Used Hummer Cars for Sale

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Used Hummer Cars

The Hummer was originally designed for the army as a rugged off road vehicle that could transport troops and goods across all terrains. Although the model on sale to the public isn't quite as utilitarian as the original, it remains rugged, robust and raw, and still dwarfs all other cars on the road. With production having ended in 2010, Hummers can now only be bought on the used market. All used Hummer on the AA Cars website come with free 12 months breakdown cover.

Used Hummer Cars Overview

While the first model, the H1, is not far off from the original, full sized model used by the army, the H2 is far smaller and far more refined; just about fit for UK roads. But it is off road that the Hummer really shines. Rugged and incredibly able across all terrains, there is arguably no car better equipped for life off tarmac than the H2. The most recent model, the H3, is yet again smaller and more comfortable, but lacks the same comfort and luxury of its rival the Range Rover. As a fiercely capable, rugged vehicle which only just fits on the road however, it is head and shoulders above the competition - literally.

Popular Used Hummer Models

Hummer H2

Large, rugged SUV