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Mazda Eunos Reviews

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Welcome to the Mazda Eunos review page, as you can see this page provides you with all our user generated reviews of Mazda Eunos cars. AA Cars provide our users with the best feedback on all car makes and models all across the uk to give you the best possible information, to help you make your decision when buying a new used car. We break each vehicle review down into five categories (preformance, running cost, comfort, reliability and space practicality) making it very easy to understand, giving you feedback directly form the vehicle owner. This provides you with all the information you need to make the decision of which car is perfect for you.

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Mazda Eunos | Toy car that is FUN

Added: 15th of November 2013
Running Costs
Space Practicality
  • 1997
  • 1800cc
  • manual
  • petrol
  • Convertible
  • 2

Bought unashamedly as a toy by this "baby boomer" in second adolescence.
I had done a little research on old "classic" sports cars and the MX-5 came out as very reliable "older" car in its class, but liable to rust problems specially on the sills. I looked a couple with rust problems and spoke to a MX-5 specialist mechanic and decided against each of two Mk 2 versions.
I then came across a Mk 1 Eunos where the sills had recently been replaced, had a new MOT and was a very reasonable (I thought) £1,500
I Managed to get it insured as a classic with a 5,000 mile per annum limit for less than £300 fully comp including breakdown insurance, I was quite happy with this since it was intended as a summer fun car and I have another vehicle for day to day use.

This toy is FUN ! So far the only drawback is it is so enticing to let the speed gradually creep up. This is not a car for the motorways, it is noisy, not specially comfortable for long cruises, but get it on the B roads and it is is wonderful, hood down it is sensational to drive through lanes and by roads.
Space and practicality? This is a small two seat sports car, but the boot even with a full size spare will take the weekly shop, not a big suitcase but certainly a couple of soft holdalls. Fortunately my partner packs lightly as well as me so we can manage a night or two away with it. This is essentially a fun car though, s summer Sunday drive to a country pub, preferably one with a car park in view of the garden (yes I am a show off with this car) and it is hard to beat.
The MX-5 Owners club is very active and I would suggest anyone looking at buying a MX-5 at least go a look at their website, endless advice and great "HOW to" posts, well worth joining if buy one!

Car came fitted with Radio and CD player with electric ariel, air conditioning (and I do not mean the roof lowers) electric windows, alarm and immobilizer. Very likely the best £1,500 I have ever spent!!