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AA Cars Q & A

The launch of AA Cars is bound to raise questions from AA members, the motoring public, media, VCARS customers and businesses.

  1. Why is the AA becoming involved in car sales?

    Since it was founded in 1905 the AA has been all about motoring. Today members expect the AA to provide a wide range of advice and guidance. Car buying in particular can be complex; the choices are wider than ever; buying a car is the second most costly purchase after a home and buyers do so with some trepidation. Now the AA will be able to direct potential car buyers to trusted outlets, armed with expert knowledge from the AA.

    The AA itself won't be doing any selling - it uses an existing highly successful platform that helps buyers identify the car they want. They will buy the car from the dealer, empowered by expert advice from the AA and with the comfort of an AA Cars History Check

  2. How does the system work?

    www.aacars.com website is the entry portal (compatible with mobile and tablet technology as well). A range of search filters such as car type, size, budget, location and key specifics buyers might be looking for, enables the buyer to find the car they want. The buyer will then contact the dealer; they can arrange to see the car and take it for a test drive. If they want the car they negotiate directly with the dealer. The AA does not sell cars but offers potential car buyers a platform by which they can search and match their car buying requirements to a car dealer's available stock through www.aacars.com.

  3. How are dealers chosen to go on the AA Cars network?

    There is an application process through which dealers go through in order to be accepted on the site. Dealers wishing to join can find out more by calling 0845 302 5374.

  4. Will the AA audit the dealers on the site?

    No; an AA Cars History Check on 99% of cars will offer customers reassurance along with comprehensive car buying advice which is also available. Key to the success of the AA Cars site is to provide as much choice and information as possible to customers. Not all cars are inspected by the AA but ask the dealer or you can buy one from us.

AA Cars History Check, Warranties and additional information

  1. What's the benefit of offering a car data check? It's something that most dealers offer anyway isn't it?

    Many car dealers offer these checks but a recent OFT report showed that 88% of buyers don't ask whether a check has been done and don't ask for a check to be done. Many assume the car they buy has been checked but don't confirm that it has. By ensuring 99% of AA Cars vehicles has undergone an AA Cars History Check, buyers may be confident that the check has been carried out and gives additional peace of mind.

    • 1 in 3 cars has a significant hidden history*
    • 1 in 8 were recorded as an insurance write off
    • 1 in 10 had finance outstanding
    • 1 in 16 had significant mileage discrepancies
    • 91,393 vehicles were reported stolen in 2011
  2. Are warranties provided with the cars listed on the AA Cars site?

    Many cars will have warranties still valid when they are sold and that will be made clear in the vehicle details, where we have that information from dealers. Similarly many cars will carry a warranty offered by the dealer which may or may not be an AA Warranty.

  3. Do all your cars come with full MOT (if applicable) and year's car tax?

    All cars will have a MOT if that is required. You should contact the dealer in order to make the correct arrangements for car tax. From 1st October 2014 car tax rules changed, you can visit the DVLA website for up to date information and to view the new procedures https://www.gov.uk/tax-disc

  4. Do AA engineers actually inspect each car for sale?

    No, that would be impractical. The AA Cars History Check is being offered to ensure that the car's history doesn't hide anything nasty. We also expect dealers to perform a thorough mechanical and body condition check on all cars; but AA vehicle inspections are available for additional peace of mind - this provides up to 206 separate physical checks and is available from the AA's website at http://www.theAA.com/vehicle-inspections/ Users of AA Cars will get a 10% discount off the cost of a vehicle inspection

The AA, AA Membership and the car buying public

  1. Do you have to be an AA member to use AA Cars?

    No, anyone can source their next car through the site

  2. Are there any additional benefits for AA members who use AA Cars?

    Members already get a 10% discount on the cost of a full vehicle inspection and for launch of AA Cars, both members and non members will get a further 10% discount if they choose to have an AA vehicle inspection carried out. There will certainly be other incentives for AA members using AA Cars from time to time.

  3. What happens to a dealer that turns out to be supplying poor cars?

    Given the AA Cars History Check that comes with 99% of all cars it is unlikely that a dealer would supply poor cars. However, the AA would not look favorably on dealers acting improperly and could, where appropriate, exclude them from the site.

  4. If a buyer has issues with his or her car, what redress do they have?

    Redress will be with the dealer who sold the car to you and of course, buyer's legal rights are not affected in any way. The AA website has a wealth of information about how to deal with a problem http://www.theaa.com/cbg/home.jsp.

  5. I don't have internet access. Can I still use the AA Cars service?

    Regrettably not, it is an online service.

  6. Will the site work on i-pads and other mobile devices?

    Yes, the site is optimised to work on a range of hand-held devices