Toyota hybrid sales top 1 million


Toyota has now sold over a million hybrid vehicles across the world, it has announced.

Of the 1.04 million total sales, 345,000 units have been bought in Japan and 702,000 across the rest of the globe.

In the UK, customers have bought 20,388 of Toyota’s hybrid vehicles since 2000, including 13,826 versions of the Prius and 5,582 Lexus RX 400h models.

Some 758,000 versions of the Prius have been sold internationally since its launch in 1997, making the model the most popular hybrid in the automaker’s range.

A second-generation version of the car was released in 1997, with a focus on power as well as environmental performance.

Toyota calculates that its hybrid cars have produced 3.5 million fewer tonnes of CO2 than equivalent petrol vehicles over the past decade.

Looking forward, the manufacturer stated: "[Toyota] will actively continue to find ways to utilise the system’s high degree of applicability to double its hybrid line-up and will aim to achieve annual sales of one million units in the early part of the 2010s."