Second place finish for used Mini Cooper in value for money report

A new report to come out of the US has indicated that a motorist looking for value for money from their vehicle may wish to consider a used Mini Cooper.

The Mini Cooper finished second in a report by Consumer Reports as it looked to find the cars offering buyers good value.

Some 300 cars were reviewed in the study, with the Toyota Prius Touring coming out on top.

Factors that influenced the decision making process included how well the cars performed in a road test, how much they could be sold for in the future and the fuel economy they offered motorists.

Rik Paul, automotive editor at Consumer Reports, said: "A low price doesn’t necessarily make a car a good value."

He added that the list should help motorists in their future car choices as the economic downturn has had a large impact on many of their finances.

The Honda Civic also made it into the top five positions of the list.

A review of the Mini Cooper S by TV personality Jeremy Clarkson for the Times last year stated that the vehicle had a "modern, funky feel".


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