Cee’d gets ‘de’ approval

Germany’s TUV has awarded the Kia Cee’d two certificates. The first is for environmental considerations during the design, construction and destruction/recycling of their vehicles – the DFE (Design for Environment) award.

LCA – Lifecycle Assessment – (ISO 14040) examines both the car’s overall manufacturing process and its lifetime environmental impact. Kia uses Kenaf (a form of jute) in the door trim panels, for example, as well as using engines designed from all aluminium to minimise weight, at their Slovakian factory.

Mr In-Kyu Bae, president of Kia Motors Slovakia, said: "When launching
vehicle and component production, we focused our attention on observing
all environmental regulations in both spirit and letter.

"I am very glad we had a chance to prove our commitment to being
environmentally-friendly. We received the internationally renowned
environmental certificate ISO 14001 within a year of starting production and we can be proud of our achievements to gain these new certificates."

Kia is the first Korean company to achieve this triple recognition – in
fact the only other automotive manufacturer to have the DFE and LCA
certification are the Mercedes-Benz S-Class (2005) and Mercedes-Benz
C-Class (2006) production lines.


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