ECOnetic ‘more modern’ than a used Ford Fiesta

Young motorists looking for a vehicle with slightly more zest than a used Ford Fiesta may find the latest addition to the range to be more appealing, a review believes.

Car Pages states that the Ford Fiesta ECOnetic has a more "modern appearance" than prior offerings, which could help it to become the vehicle of choice for younger drivers.

Among the updated changes is the development of a large trapezoidal grille, which is situated marginally above a narrower grille with the Ford badge in the centre.

Also, the car is given a "wider, sleeker and dynamic appearance" thanks to the addition of new slimline headlight clusters, while at the rear there is generally a "more rounded appearance".

Meanwhile, the review states that "from the side, strong design lines emphasise the new, upward angle of the lower window line".

In a review of the Ford Fiesta ECOnetic, Channel Four comments that among the assets of the vehicle are that it is "frugal", generates "low emissions" and has "decent handling".


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