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Mercedes C Class

2006, Mercedes C Class, Saloon, 1800cc, petrol, automatic, 4 doors

Audi TT

2010, Audi TT, Convertible, 20000cc, petrol, automatic, 2 doors

Skoda Octavia

2004, Skoda Octavia, Estate, 1800cc, petrol, manual, 5 doors

Subaru Forester

2003, Subaru Forester, Estate, 2000cc, petrol, automatic, 5 doors

Nissan Almera

2004, Nissan Almera, Hatchback, 1500cc, petrol, manual, 5 doors

Honda Civic

2010, Honda Civic, Saloon, 1400cc, hybrid, manual, 4 doors

Smart City Cabriolet

2013, Smart City Cabriolet, Convertible, 1000cc, diesel, automatic, 3 doors

Volvo V70

2012, Volvo V70, Estate, 2400cc, diesel, automatic, 5 doors

Vauxhall Insignia

2010, Vauxhall Insignia, Hatchback, 2000cc, diesel, manual, 5 doors

Land Rover Defender

2014, Land Rover Defender, 4x4, 2198cc, diesel, manual, 5 doors

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