Potholes leave drivers deeper in trouble, AA reports

  • AA Streetwatch: 40% say local roads in a ‘terrible condition’
  • More than five-fold increase in pothole insurance claims

Overall road condition in the UK has plummeted over the winter, a survey responded to by 23,911 AA members has uncovered. While 29% of respondents reported their local roads in a terrible condition in October 2013, that had risen to 40% by March 2014.

AA Streetwatch road condition surveys: October 2013 versus March 2014. Panel size – 23,911 AA member responses.


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How Not To Check A Used Car

used cars

With our handy Used Car Checklist you can be sure you’re giving the car a thorough inspection. But for all those that haven’t downloaded this yet we wanted to strip away the myths surrounding used cars and teach how not to inspect them with these handy tips:

Kicking tyres
For some people, the ‘tyred-and-tested’ way to check the rubber on a wheel is to kick it. If we were back in the early 20th Century, unroadworthy tyres could crack with a well-placed kick. But in modern times, there’s simply no need. So to avoid a bruised toe (and a stifled snigger from the salesman), it is best to simply check tread levels and look out for uneven wear.

Slamming on the brakes is not the most efficient way of testing their stopping power. It’s better to test them in all situations during a test drive, ensuring that they remain firm and noise- and fade-free over a 30-minute period, using them both softly and firmly.

Clueless checker
You see them on every forecourt; the potential buyer who pops the bonnet and then stands staring at the engine bay blankly. Yes, the engine is there (a good start for sure) but what else? Nope, they haven’t a clue. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, get a vehicle inspection

Rain, Man
Some believe the best time to snare a bargain is when the forecourt is empty and the salesman is itching for a sale. And nothing clears a forecourt like rain. But while the wet stuff might keep buyers at home, it also does an admirable job of masking bodywork issues which could cost you dearly later on.

You’re The One That I Want!
It’s all too easy to get ‘car lust’; that moment when you decide the auto you’re looking at is ‘The One’. But what if there are nagging issues about the car’s build? Or if the dealer won’t give you the discount you need?

‘Car lust’ can cloud vision and rationality, leading to depression later and a roasting from your better half once the repair bills start rolling in. So walk away and save your money so you can make a better deal another day.

7 Incredibly close calls on the road

Cars can be dangerous machines, and while it’s likely that you have the utmost faith in your own impeccable driving skills, there are probably plenty of other drivers who aren’t quite as skilled at following proper road use. The end result is far too often an accident; sometimes simple fender benders, sadly sometimes more serious. But, sometimes despite everything suggesting otherwise, a dangerous accident can turn into a very lucky near miss.

Here are some of the closest calls caught on video (some of the language used is NSFW): Continue reading

Every electric car in production you should know about

Electric cars have been around since the birth of the very first automobile, but other than a time of popularity between the late 19th and early 20th century, their existence has made little impact to the dominance of gasoline-powered cars. Today, things are changing. Elon Musk and Tesla might be the figureheads of the renewed electric car movement, but they are certainly not the only ones manufacturing quality, ground-breaking cars.

For the first time ever, almost all major car manufacturers are working on not just hybrids, but fully electric, zero emissions, plug-in cars. The range of concept cars and production cars is constantly growing, and is frankly exhausting, so in order to give you a basic introduction, we’ve put together a list of the plug-in electric cars that are either on sale now, or set to be very soon that you should know about. Continue reading

What to look out for at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2013

The best of the new concept cars and production models set to be unveiled at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show

The list of new concept cars, model unveilings and car talk at the Frankfurt Motor Show is frankly exhausting, so rather than list them all, we’ve put together just a sample of the most exciting things to be happening this week in Frankfurt. The big names have plenty to boast about – many of them have already begun! – but expect more than a few hidden surprises. Continue reading

Walkie Talkie building melts Jaguar and other weird car damage

The Walkie Talkie building’s car melting escapade in London may be the most recent example of bizarre damage being done to a car, but it is certainly not the first. In fact, since the very first motorcar rolled off the forecourt we have found ways to get them into scrapes far weirder than the usual fender bender. Here are a few examples insurance companies have had to deal with over the years: Continue reading

The world’s 10 strangest traffic laws

On the spot traffic fines for minor driving offences such as hogging the middle lane (perhaps not minor to some people), have been in force for a couple of weeks, and so far (knock on wood), the impact has been minimal. Whether that is down to drivers diligently avoiding all but the left hand lane, or police officers being confused as to what point overtaking slowly (within the speed limit, of course) becomes lane hogging, is not clear. But, what is clear is that their implementation has certainly divided opinions. On one hand there is a the clear benefit of promoting safe driving, but on the other it can lead to unnecessary fines for all manner of ambiguous offences such as driving too close to the car in front (how else do you let them know that they’re going too slowly?!), or overtaking and pushing into a queue of traffic (admittedly a lot quicker than simply sitting at the back of the queue). Continue reading

Film Stars and Their Cars


Film Stars and Their Cars

Hollywood Hostshots and their red carpet wheels

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Strange Military Vehicles

When it comes to weird vehicles, the military certainly know a thing or two. Some are quite bonkers, but others you can see the realistic thinking behind it but the implementation comes out a bit strange. Points if you can name any of these.








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