Beijing Motor Show – MG Icon pictures

MG have shown their new Icon at the Chinese show and commentators are likening it to the Nissan Juke, a concept car launched at the 2012 Beijing event.

MG Icon

MG Icon

Although just a concept, an MG spokesperson said the car represents a direction MG could well take I in the future: ‘There are no production plans at present, but this is something we could definitely do,’ he said.

Perhaps the Icon could mark a risky break away from the popular MG MGF, MG TF, MG ZR, MG ZS and MG ZT?

The Icon was design prompted by a visit from MG’s Chinese owners to the Longbridge facility in the West Midlands: “They experienced some of the old cars – the sights, the smells – and this spurred them on to do something which nods to MG’s past yet which looks to the future as well,” commented Icon project chief designer Steve Harper. MG’s four-door Icon is SUV-meets-coupe while the door layout is similar to the Mazda RX-8 (no central B-pillar).

Harper says the MG Icon ‘stil feels fresh and modern (Harper referred to it as like London’s skyline)  ‘mixing old and new in an organic, natural way’.

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