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Are you looking to get more exposure for your stock and generate more sales?

More and more dealers are finding Internet Advertising the most cost effective method of generating online enquiries, and is one of the UK’s leading services for car dealers.

We have over 13 years of successful experience in automotive online advertising. Our website gets over 2,000,000 car page viewers per month – that’s 2,000,000 potential sales for you! More than 2,100 dealers are already subscribed to VCARS making it 120,000 cars in our database, and growing. In fact, we won the Highly Commended Award in the Online Advertising Category in the Car Dealer Magazine Power Awards 2011.

Why advertise with us?

  1. We invest large sums of money strategically online e.g Google AdWords
  2. We rank very highly naturally on all the major search engines
  3. We are actively investing in marketing  (e.g. sport sponsorships, press advertising, TV/Radio presence, etc.)
  4. We work with over 50 stock feed providers including Autotrader, Auto Exposure, Portfolio and many more. We’re even able to work directly with your website
  5. We don’t charge on a per car basis, we charge per dealer, so you can add as many cars as you like
  6. We have a full-time Account Management Department, so your own dedicated account manager is ready to assist you with any enquiries or problems you may have.  We’ll contact you regularly to let you know what’s happening with the site and also to offer advice on how to improve how your stock is displayed

What do you get with the package?

  • We were the first portal to offer a 24/7 LIVE Award Winning Online Stats Package
  • We can offer New Geo tracked phone numbers
  • All calls generated are recorded and can be listened to. Additionally a text message will be sent to you directly notifying you about all missed phone calls
  • Faxed email enquiries – never miss a sales enquiry because you cannot get to your computer
  • We pay the cost of all the calls we generate
  • A dedicated home page listing all of your stock
  • Interactive Maps with directions from a buyers home to your dealership.  We also track these as part of your stats package to help tie up leads to sales
  • Dedicated customer service team to help you get as much benefit from your Internet advertising as possible – not just from
  • Calculate your own Return On Investment through our Award Winning Postcode Analysis tool
  • Extra Services e.g. special offers, your own corporate branding, dedicated account manager, and more!
  • Our mobile specific website allows users to embrace the mobile specific features to give users a better small screen experience